We are fund.

Over the last years, our ability to identify Crypto Assets investments with fantastic potential has allowed us to provide investors big returns in crypto-focused selections of digital assets!

  • Strong security Ddos protected hosting.

  • Maximum time savings 100% digital Services.

  • Excellent coverage High profit potential.

  • Stable works Online more than 100 days.


Investment Plan

Angus_ α
Min 50$ - Max 999$
  • Deposit Term - After 1 Day
  • Deposit Resturn - No
  • Accrual - Each Day
  • Percent: 300%
Angus_ β
Min 1000$ - Max 9999$
  • Deposit Term - After 1 Day
  • Deposit Return - No
  • Accrual - Each Day
  • Percent: 700%
First Class
Angus_ γ
Min 10.000 - Max Unlimited$
  • Deposit Term - After 1 Day
  • Deposit Return - No
  • Accrual - Each Day
  • Percent: 1000%
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Perfect Money; Bitcoin; EpayCore. Acceptable Payment Processor

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Note: Once you have created a Sologz Account, you cannot change your payment account or email address. In case you need to change your email or payment account, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Click on the Register button in the top right-hand corner of page and the Registration page will open.

Complete the registration form by entering all the required fields. Required fields are indicated with an asterisk (*).
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Account Settings
To view and change your account settings, sign in to Sologz and then click on your name in the top right-hand corner of dashboard any page and choose account settings information There are two settings pages for viewing and changing your Sologz account details:
The Personal Information page is the default Settings page. This page allows you to view and update your account details such as your display name , email passcode and Payment Provider account ( must fill your Payment Account number* )
It is not possible to change your Payment Provider Account and email address. If you need to change your email address, please do not create a new account but contact us. The Change Password page allows you to change your Sologz account password. To change your password, enter your current password and the new password . The Security Setting page is a view of the various account setting are helps you keep your account secure.

Choose the most appropriate plan for your investments.
To view and choose your investment plan , sign in to Sologz and then click on INVEST in the top corner of dashboard at any page and choose Investment Plan.
After click Continue to invest and next page choose Amount to Invest , and make deposit.

Your Investment start work.


You can to make as many deposits as you like.

Referral commissions paid also from investment , made from account balance.
You can add funds on you balance and make deposits to variable Investment Plan.


Your available balance is the amount you can withdrawal right now.
All withdrawal request is instant.

Note.If you see that you request marked as PENDING don't panic - may be your payment provider has technical problem or maintenance work.
Please do not create a 'alarm button' but contact us.

You can start inviting friends from the web application as soon as you have access to your account.
Once your friend successfully opens their Sologz account and make deposit , you will get1% from us!

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If you are a technical issue with your Sologz service, please contact us so that we can troubleshoot with you..